The Rebel Healers: Chronicles of a Fractured Soul



Loyalties will collide in this captivating female-driven epic fantasy!

A piece of Ellara’s soul is stolen, taken by an adversary who wants to make her his. Hunted for powers she knows little about, Ellara must find a way to take back her homelands before they’re lost forever.

As a Healer-Priestess, Ellara’s first inclination is peaceful resolution, but the corrupted Council of Healers cling to an outdated tradition, allowing the iron-fisted rule of patriarchy to stop at nothing to overtake Ellara’s homeland and subjugate the powerful Healers who reside on the island.

Preserving the traditions of her people will require Ellara to rise up and fight, pitting her unknown powers against the corruption of usurpers who wants to destroy everything she holds dear.

Lany lives on the Oregon coast with her sweetheart and Italian Greyhound. After years of exploring the healing arts, she decided to surrender her professional life in business and pursue her life-long dream of writing a fantasy novel. When she is not editing and re-writing, she loves to walk through magical woods and eat cream puffs.

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