The Real Genesis Hidden in Plain Sight: Creation, Extraterrestrials, and the Defense of Adam and Eve

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Most people know the Old Testament’s account of what happened to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. But what if there was more to the story? Author Mel Martinez offers an exciting alternative view of how events unfolded. Martinez’s book is a timely, refreshing read that explores the broader implications of creation and our own place within the cosmos. Readers will learn how the parable of Adam and Eve is really an invitation for a deeper relationship with the Divine and that life’s challenges are actually invitations to connect more fully to Infinite Source. This book is a must-read for all those interested in taking a fresh look at the Bible.

About the author

Ever thankful for his Catholic school background as well as his Jesuit University Undergraduate and Law School education, Melvin H. Martinez feels well-grounded in the faith. His legal education and experience in the real world have taught him to instinctively go to the heart of a matter, identify key issues, separate fact from fiction, and extract the real meaning of things. Coupled with his lifelong interest in metaphysics and cosmology he perceives Scripture and matters of faith from a unique perspective. This affords him a way to decipher and interpret what is couched in symbolism, parables, code, and what he calls "God speak,"—the manner in which the Infinite chooses to communicate.

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