TaylorED Time Workbook: How to Be the Captain of Your Character’s Creation


This companion workbook to TaylorED Time provides you with examples and pictures to help design your character. Featuring engaging photos by Carole A. Fletcher, you will find space to document your journey.

This workbook is designed for two purposes. The first is to give you the extra space you need to complete and/or redo all the book’s exercises. The second is to show you how to begin, and keep, a character creation journal for a lifetime. This is an invaluable tool for personal growth and real self-improvement.

To help accomplish this second purpose, you will draw inspiration from special, section-specific quotes, original poetry, and positively picturesque, professional photography. Then you will describe your inspired thoughts and feelings. This way you will proficiently record your progress, as you tenaciously travel through the process presented in the book. This is truly and tangibly living the life FANTASTIC.

Andrew Taylor

About the author

Andrew S. Taylor holds two BSED degrees in Pre-K-12, Elementary and Secondary Education Theater/Speech. As a self-employed entrepreneur, he is a teenage through adult Life Enrichment Teacher, Creativity Workshop Facilitator, Special Event Public Speaker, and Personal/Professional Life Coach/Consultant. He is equally proficient with individuals, couples, and large-scale groups. At Interlochen National Arts Camp, he was Divisional Honor Camper (’87 H.S.B. Theater Major) and Honor Cabin Counselor (’05 & ‘07). He was his university’s Muppet Mascot, The OU Bobcat, a Pre-K-12 Child Care Teacher/Program Director for eight years, and also The Children’s Department Supervisor & Storytime Reader, at a super-sized Barnes & Noble, for four years. When not every day, enthusiastically engaged in creative writing, his hobbies include collating his colossal collection of Movies & TV Shows (2,800+DISKS!), making beaded jewelry (pins, necklaces, and friendship bracelets), and acting in Community Theater. Mr. Taylor lives in Ann Arbor, MI, and can be contacted at www.TaylorEDTime.com. Download the book sheet for Phenomenal Phoenix Download the book sheet for Something Small Download the book sheet for A Cloud & The Eye of the Beholder Download the book sheet for Birds!

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