TaylorED Time: How to Dramatically Build Your Character & Live the Life FANTASTIC!*


All right! Action! The world’s your stage! It’s time to play the part of Your Life! Time to DO A Perfect You! Don’t leave anything to chance! Do it with MAGIC (Make A Good Intelligent Choice)! Do it TODAY! Do it NOW! This is an engaging and empowering self-help book for teens-adults. Andrew S. Taylor blends his background of theater, teaching, and coaching to show a step-by-step practical plan: how to dramatically improve your life!

Within its poignant pages, you will:

Forge your foundation and follow the simple steps of Character Crystallization!

  • Take Character and Self-Inventory.
  • Presentize Yourself!
  • Find True (For You) North!
  • Set Sail for your FANTASTIC future!

Define the definitive difference between Human Being vs. Human Doing!

  • Traverse four stages of your self’s-situation.
  • Reflexively Re-Acting vs. Actively Acting.
  • Focus and Pay Attention!
  • And, (when you’re given) Help: Earn It!

See the sights so you clearly See the Scene!

  • Hind, Fore, Now, BEAUTIFUL In: 1 Way Sights.
  • Holistic Intimacy: The Truest 2 Way Sight.
  • Explore The Hierarchy of Human Sexuality.
  • Learn Life Lessons: School is Always in Session!

SORT Your Life so you easily Set the Stage!

  • Facilitate your Four-File System.
  • Self, Occupations, Relationships, Time-Transitions.
  • Differentiate: Lonely vs. Alone.
  • Set Your (Mind’s) Set: It Takes All Kinds to Make a World!

Adjust your attitude and be your own beholder of The Heart of Your Art!

  • Pinpoint your Passions!
  • Eliminate forecasting FEAR! Do What FUELS You!
  • Be Perceptive from Your Perspective!
  • Be Persistent to Your Purpose!
  • Discover the dramatic difference between being Content and Comfortable vs. Happy and Hungry!

Complete your character construction and arrive at The Curtain Call!

  • Do Character Conclusions and Continuations.
  • Get GIGSS. Take total responsibility for your life.
  • Celebrate Family and Friends!
  • Create Unity and Community!
  • Determine your definition of success and write-ly make your life’s major mission statement.

AND with this wonderful way, you will learn to consciously live the rest of your life by choice, not by chance!

Everything is set! Sit down. Get completely comfortable. Get gloriously geeked. Look and read what’s within!

Our journey is about to begin!

About the author

Andrew S. Taylor holds two BSED degrees in Pre-K-12, Elementary and Secondary Education Theater/Speech. As a self-employed entrepreneur, he is a teenage through adult Life Enrichment Teacher, Creativity Workshop Facilitator, Special Event Public Speaker, and Personal/Professional Life Coach/Consultant. He is equally proficient with individuals, couples, and large-scale groups. At Interlochen National Arts Camp, he was Divisional Honor Camper (’87 H.S.B. Theater Major) and Honor Cabin Counselor (’05 & ‘07). He was his university’s Muppet Mascot, The OU Bobcat, a Pre-K-12 Child Care Teacher/Program Director for eight years, and also The Children’s Department Supervisor & Storytime Reader, at a super-sized Barnes & Noble, for four years. When not every day, enthusiastically engaged in creative writing, his hobbies include collating his colossal collection of Movies & TV Shows (2,800+DISKS!), making beaded jewelry (pins, necklaces, and friendship bracelets), and acting in Community Theater. Mr. Taylor lives in Ann Arbor, MI, and can be contacted at www.TaylorEDTime.com. Download the book sheet for Phenomenal Phoenix Download the book sheet for Something Small Download the book sheet for A Cloud & The Eye of the Beholder Download the book sheet for Birds!

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