TaylorED Time: How to Dramatically Build Your Character & Live the Life Fantastic!



“Action!” Embrace the adage that life is your stage and you create your own role.

In this engaging self-help book for teenagers and adults, Andrew S. Taylor blends his background of theater, teaching, and coaching to present a step-by-step plan for improving your life. Within its pages you will:

  • Get crystal clear about your present-day character;
  • Understand the difference between Human Being and Human Doing;
  • Get the big picture and use perspective to find your place in the scene;
  • Set the stage by understanding the different energies required for self, occupation, and relationship;
  • Develop your stage presence and eliminate forecasting FEARs (False Expectations, Apparent Realities)
  • Create your definition of success and your mission statement to take responsibility for your life;
  • And you will consciously live your life by choice, not by chance!

Everything is set! So sit down, get completely comfortable, get gloriously geeked, and turn the page. Our journey is about to begin!

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