Sacred Celebrations: Designing Rituals to Navigate Life’s Milestone Transitions




Do you celebrate the joys, grieve the losses, and embrace the changes inherent in life’s natural cycles and seasons? In today’s fast-paced world, our souls are begging us to slow down—we must heed that call!

By blending her personal experiences, information about multicultural celebrations, and practical how-to steps, Elizabeth Barbour shares uniquely accessible advice for designing rituals. You’ll enjoy new elements to invigorate birthday gatherings and holidays and additionally be inspired by:

  • A beautiful grief ritual featuring white roses
  • An infant’s spiritual dedication in a labyrinth
  • A young girl’s playful and educational first moon party
  • An artist’s creative and meaningful “starting a new business” ritual
  • A divorce ritual punctuated by beating the furniture with a tennis racket

Sacred Celebrations is a resource you’ll come back to again and again to help you navigate emotional endings and beginnings with more presence, clarity and confidence.

About the author

Elizabeth Barbour is a M.Ed, Life and Business Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Speaker, Retreat Leader, Author, Mom and Wife. Barbour sees what's possible for you when you can't see it for yourself. She helps you step more fully into the truest version of you. As a life and business coach, she helps entrepreneurial and professional women find a work/life balance-and-sanity in the chaos of daily living. As a shamanic practitioner, she utilizes the power of shamanic journey work to access messages and information from the spiritual realms. These messages allow her to help her clients through the stuck places and gain clarity fast. Elizabeth Barbour is passionate about helping clients to design rituals and celebrations when big transitions are afoot (life and death, weddings and divorces, moves, etc.). Her first book about this is called Sacred Celebrations. When teaching and speaking, Barbour is multi-passionate. She is equally comfortable facilitating a teambuilding session in a corporate environment. Along with that, inspiring a room full of entrepreneurs to become authentic networkers, preaching the value of self-care to a room of overworked realtors and many more. When teaching and speaking, I’m multi-passionate. I’m equally comfortable facilitating a teambuilding session in an corporate environment, inspiring a room full of entrepreneurs to become authentic networkers, preaching the value of self-care to a room full of overworked realtors or leading an intimate women’s retreat through a fire ceremony ritual to release their stress and to reclaim their balance. Elizabeth has been in business since 2000. She worked as a university administrator for a decade before them. She has a double degree, psychology and biology, from the College of William and Mary and a master's degree in counseling from the University of Delaware. On top of that, she also has a certification from CoachU.

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