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Do you want to lose weight, feel healthy, and stay energized in the process?

Are you so over dieting rules that are impossible to follow?

Are you a woman who has tried every diet known to humankind but failed to see results?

Rebel Keto has your back.

Rebel Keto is the all-new sustainable approach to the keto diet that takes the guesswork and the boredom out of going low carb – for real. With actionable too-legit-to-quit advice, 80’s nostalgia, and 110 low-carb recipes from a Certified Health Coach who has lost over 140 pounds, Rebel Keto serves up the tea on how to level up your weight loss and your health for life.

Think of Rebel Keto as cracking open an 80’s time capsule to uncover the truth about the lies that led us to an obesity epidemic as you take a walk down memory lane. Cue up the old school style mixtape of low carb recipes, and prepare to serve (or get served) deliciously wicked recipes:\ like The Drop Biscuits Sir Mix A Lot Would Approve Of, Bill & Ted’s Egg Salad Adventure, The Great Muppet Caper Butter with Dill, Karma Chameleon Cauliflower, Working 9 To 5 Cheeseburger Casserole, and Vanilla Ice Ice 5 Minute Mug Cake.

Rebel Keto is The Totally Awesome Girls’ Guide to Losing Weight, Breaking the Rules, and Having a Life Outside the Kitchen.

Heather Strickland is a writer, a Certified Health Coach, founder of Word To Your Mother Blog, and a woman who knows what it feels like to wake up at 35 and not recognize herself in the mirror. Heather took radical steps to change her health and mind, and now she’s on a mission to help other women do the same. She enjoys keeping it real, mom-ing, and dancing like nobody’s watching. (Because they’re not – they’re on their phones.)

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