Life of Love: A Joyful Guide to Self and Sensuality



Everyone has a divine right to feel precious love and joy in their lives and attaining it can be so simple! Life of Love is a guided text written to illuminate the reader’s unique joy and connect with the heartfelt wonder that is held within the daily moments of their lives. Author Julie Hilsen teaches readers how to receive divine help from their guides and angels through beautifully worded Devotions, whimsical exercises and heart-opening strategies that promote self-acceptance, self-love, joy, sensuality, and connection. Readers tap into their unique love vibration and use it to develop deeper relationships with both themselves and the people they love. Discussing a wide variety of topics including passion and desire as well as forgiveness and standards, Life of Love celebrates the beauty that is present in every moment. Many have used these methods to create space in their lives to joyfully accept themselves in a loving, unconditional way.

Julie Hilsen has spent her life in the love vibration. From an early age, she was empathically connected with people of all ages, origins and creeds. Her masters in communication sciences and connections to Spirit are blended within her book to share secrets about creating a unique life of deep, expansive love. She is a certified Angel Practitioner, intuitive and transformational coach.