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“The world is brimming with injustice, homelessness, poverty, hate, violence, discrimination, depression, anxiety, and stress-related physical illnesses. If you are breathing, then you know the human race is suffering. The clock is ticking. The good news is there is no time like the present to create a just and compassionate world. Dr. Darling draws from her own and other’s research to help readers achieve this goal.

  • In Empathy Unchained, Dr. Felicia Darling offers practical ideas to heal our past hurts—so we can live more empathetically in the present. When we are neither fixated on nor running from the past, we free up emotional bandwidth, and our empathy is unchained.
  • To make the world more just, we need to know what injustice looks like. Therefore, Dr. Darling, illustrates how unjust systems operate at work and in society and how we can transform them to serve everyone equitably.
  • Finally, if we are strongly aligned to our higher purpose, we have more power to make the world better. Dr. Darling shares inspiring stories of everyday empathy heroes who triumphed over adversity to follow their own true norths to make the world a more just and compassionate place.”

About the author

Felicia speaks, writes, and researches about inclusion, belonging, and mental health advocacy. She leads mindfulness meditation, breathing, body scans, and Yoga (soon) sessions. Felicia is a first-generation college student with a PhD in Education from Stanford University and a Fulbright Scholarship for her ethnography in a Yucatec Maya village. Her work has been highlighted in Education Week, The Chronicle of Higher EdInside Higher Ed, and WAMC Northeast Public Radio. In her day jobs, she teaches social justice precalculus at UC Berkeley and math in Spanish/English at SRJC.

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