Elvis: His True Story, As Told to Me



Did Elvis die in 1977?

What if the FBI did fake his death as some people believe?

In this captivating book, Chris Franklin unveils a mind-bending revelation about the life and death of Elvis Presley. Drawing from his first-hand experiences with Elvis, all the way up to when he had his stroke in 1989. This extraordinary collection of stories is shared at the request of The King of Rock and Roll himself. Franklin presents a startling narrative of the need for deception with look-alikes that started long before Elvis’s death and continued through the planning of the Elvis Comeback Tour that never happened.

This thought-provoking book offers a unique perspective on the Elvis Presley mystery, combining Chris Franklin’s firsthand accounts of Elvis’s alleged post-1977 life with statements from Elvis himself. It’s a must-read for Elvis fans and anyone intrigued by conspiracy theories, shedding new light on one of the music industry’s most enduring enigmas.

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Friend of Elvis.

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