Doors of Love and Light: Energize your space using love and light

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This Auracle provides exploration in awakening to your intuition. You can use it with the card deck or as a stand-alone mediation. You just open the book to a random page for your reading.

“Auracle Cards” instead of “Oracle Cards” because you are invited to hear (auricle) your own intuition, rather than be told (oracle) what you need to know. When we know how to listen to our own inner wisdom, we have the ability to connect with all the knowledge in the Universe. The Doors of Love and Light Auracle Card deck supports you in awakening, clearing, trusting, welcoming and energizing your intuition, your personal connection to your inner wisdom. When you know how to “hear” your inner voice, you discover that you have access to all the information you need to build a meaningful and joy-filled life.


Rita Morgin

Rita Morgin is a master of many energy healing techniques. She works with her clients to creatively come back to spirit, and claim sacred space for themselves. She works intensively with homes and land to engage the guardians of the land to assist you in healing past trauma and clear old energies. Find out more about Rita at

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