A Perfect Day


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Bring the ritual of fishing alive for children of all ages to enjoy. From the early morning wake-up and breakfast to the many adventures of being on the water, this story warms the heart as father and son enjoy this timeless activity.

Author Andrew S. Taylor and Illustrator James G. Martin bring you right to the edge of the river to enjoy A Perfect Day!

Mr. Taylor holds two BSED degrees in Elementary and Secondary Education [Theater/Speech]. As a self employed entrepreneur, he is a teenage, and adult, Life Enrichment Teacher, Creativity Workshop Facilitator, Special Event, Public Speaker, and a Group, Couples, Professional, & Personal, Life Coach. He was a 1987 Interlochen Arts Camp, High School Boys, Division Honor Camper and he was a H.S.B., Unit III, Honor Cabin Counselor for two out of six summers. [05 & 07] He was also a preschool through 6th grade Child Care Teacher and Program Director for eight years. When not engaged in creative writing, his hobbies include Community Theater and making jewelry. Mr. Taylor lives in Ann Arbor, MI, and he can be contacted at the following website: www.TaylorEDTime.com