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Veronica Anderson

Veronica Anderson, MD, is a burnout-recovery specialist and a physician career make-over coach. Dr. Veronica is the author of three books.

Dr. Veronica began her medical career as an ophthalmologist after graduating from Princeton University and Rutgers Medical School and now has the distinction of being both a licensed physician and a practicing psychic. She is an integrative and intuitive medicine physician, and a certified functional medicine physician. She is also trained in homeopathy through the CEDH. Dr. Veronica has appeared on national television, including CNN and Fox News, and has been a guest on multiple syndicated radio shows.

Veronica Anderson, in her programs,  uses her gifts and talents to help people with strange, rare, and peculiar health issues who feel like they just haven’t gotten proper answers or relief from the traditional healthcare system. Her “Rejuvenation Journey” program guides people to wellness by not only working on the physical aspects of wellness holistically, but also through unlocking and clearing the emotional, spiritual, and energetic triggers of disease, as well as its root causes.

Dr. Veronica’s practitioner programs guide doctors on how to use biofield, energy, and intuitive medicine skills in practice. Using her skills as both a business coach and intuitive, she helps doctors recover from burnout, make successful career transitions, and develop practices with their own high-ticket branded services.

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