Susan Hough

Susan Hough, a born healer, has been living her gift for over 35 years. She began her journey on the East Coast working with teens and families. The rites of passage from losing her mother, being diagnosed with breast cancer, and suffering through a divorce caused Susan’s life to shift. Having experienced so many challenging experiences, Hough rededicated herself to turn them into rites of passage which deepened her journey in healing herself.

Studying the teachings of Sobonfu Somé, Susan felt her life shifting in a new and profound way. After reading Sobonfu’s book The Spirit of Intimacy several times, she knew they had to meet. When she met Sobonfu, they connected on a deep spiritual level. Their lives became intertwined almost immediately. For 18 years after, Sobonfu mentored Hough in the practice of traditional African rituals. Through these rituals, Susan was able to expand the role Spirit played in her life. She vowed to share this wisdom; creating Living Your Gifts.

Susan has the rare perspective of having a background in traditional counseling, studying indigenous healing methods, and training as a life coach. With her diversity of education and experience, she has combined her teachings to develop a coaching practice that honors spirit while integrating traditional methods. Susan’s approach to Spiritual Counseling focuses on living your gifts and enabling you to share them with the world. She makes it clear that to grow, we all need to bring our authentic self forward even when it’s difficult. 108

Susan Hough is a CTI Life Coach, and has trained with Mietek Wierkus in energy healing, Mary Branch Grove in the healing arts, and Jennifer Halls in intuitive healing. She has over 35 years’ experience in traditional mental health working with teens and their families. She is also an ordained minister. Susan is the Youth Coordinator and President for Wisdom Spring, Inc., with a fundraising program “Walking For Water,” which has placed over thirty-five wells in isolated villages in indigenous communities throughout Africa and India. She has educated over three thousand children and teenagers both stateside and abroad.

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    Book Summary:

    Susan Hough experienced a profound shift in her life when she first encountered the works of Sobonfu Somé. What she didn’t realize, at the time, was that those books would lead her to a profound lifelong connection with the author. Through her friendship with Sobonfu, Hough’s life expanded in deeper, more meaningful and more spiritual ways.
    Walking with Sobonfu chronicles Hough’s friendship with Sobonfu as they share experiences in North America as well as in Africa. This book is filled with the wisdom of both women and invites the reader to dive deeply into the richness of their own lives through rituals and ceremonies that bring about stronger connections to themselves, the earth, and their communities. Hough’s remarkable experiences are a tribute to the power of connection and friendship and are a powerful reminder of what it means to embrace one’s own voice and live from a place of deep authenticity.