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Nick Haritatos

Nick Haritatos is a successful entrepreneur, soccer player, pilot, and devoted family man whose career spanned four countries on three continents. From his humble beginnings in war-torn Greece to southern Africa, Haritatos began a remarkable journey to success, buying his first business at sixteen and creating a portfolio of successful companies in Rhodesia, South Africa, and the United States.

Buffeted by winds of sweeping changes, Nick pledged to make his own destiny, regardless of any obstacles. He lived a life of adventure set amidst mud huts and dirt roads in tribal lands in Africa, harrowing days of the Rhodesian Bush War, numerous board rooms, international trips to over forty countries, and one-of-a-kind ocean view homes.

His business career stretches across twenty-three companies and over fifty years in manufacturing, retail, service, and commercial, retail and residential real estate. With a knack for spotting untapped potential in businesses and people, Nick treasures his vast network of friends as intensely as his financial success. He loves to celebrate life with music and dancing whenever possible.
Early on, Nick developed a unique and flexible lifestyle model that allowed him to oversee multiple businesses simultaneously while devoting plenty of time to his wife and children. With his decision to create his own destiny, Nick maintains control over his life and his future even under challenging circumstances, when most others followed tradition. His motto is “I make events. Events don’t make me.”

Nick Haritatos, an avid athlete, played and coached soccer for most of his life while completing several marathons. Outside of his family, one of his proudest achievements was hiking the 1,200-mile California Coastal Trail.

Today Nick uses his considerable business and life experience to mentor and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, when he isn’t on the soccer field.

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