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Inna Van Der Velden

Inna Van Der Velden is a teacher, an acupuncturist, a specialist in Chinese medicine, a healer, and a writer.

Her vast studies and the experience of living in six countries (Russia, Canada, United States, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, and Bulgaria) have shaped her unique vision of life on Earth. The nature of her work as a healer allowed her to connect to people from forty-six different countries and hear their stories. Inna, together with the Five Elements of Nature, has helped people heal their hearts, worn-out bodies, and crumpled emotions.

Inna’s first book, for adults, The Miracle of 5 Elements Rejuvenation, was published in the Russian language and helped its readers to broaden their vision about the forces of nature.

Inna is sure that the art of dreaming shapes the way of life on our planet. It is within our powers to set the conditions for our children to grow up in a happy environment, have more fun, and co-create with our living planet, Earth.


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