Heather Burnett

Heather Burnett is a non-sleeping, modern-day Chaka Khan-which, to say, she’s everywoman. She is a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. Heather has been 100% that chick since 1975. Heather mowed lawns, baked cookies, sold advertising and pharmaceutical drugs, organized blood drives, given blood, received blood, hit by a car, had a breast implant  without anesthesia, and nearly died of pneumonia in 2009. In other words, she is an unstoppable force of nature, the founder of the extraordinary Word To Your Mother Blog, author of Rebel Keto, and a Certified Health Coach.

A Mississippi-based mother, Heather Burnett has a teenager, tween, and a 7-year old son. When her 7-year old was diagnosed with autism, she realized she wouldn’t be going back to work. There were too many different therapies and appointments for it to be possible. For years, Heather walked around with clinical depression and medicated herself with food. She didn’t recognize herself anymore, her physical appearance and her mental appearance. Heather began losing weight on the Keto Diet. She started World To Your Mother in an attempt to cram her life into a neat box and share it with the world. The blog is now more of a cornucopia that overflows with love, life, and a whole lot of laughter.