Elaine Correia

Elaine Correia was raised catholic but it didn’t take her young, fertile mind long to explore beyond the limitation of the structure. She began to seek the signs of Spirit in the world around her and the worlds accessible to her. Never satisfied with the ordinary, Elaine dove deeply into the divination arts and shamanism. This is where she discovered more of her innate powers.

Elaine Correia believed in magic and its creatures from a very young age. She dreamy of healing people with a thought. In her early years, Spirit gave her a stubborn illness. She studied extensively into the healing arts in search of a cure for life-long psorasis. This search prodded her onto a path that led her to ultimately fulfill her dreams. However, she didn’t quite appreciate it until she finally understood the gift.

To compound her health issue, she was a highly sensitive child with an overly protective mother. She automatically learned to read the energy of those she was with. Elaine bent over backwards to please and maintain the peace. As a highly sensitive person, she denied her own personal desires. Working hard to please the people important to her, she began to feel like there was something wrong. That she didn’t deserve to be as successful as others. In doing so, she drove herself to physical and mental exhaustion.

Elaine currently lives on the Oregon Coast where her sweetheart and Italian Greyhound. She is semi-retired, which allows her the time to follow her passion and do her part for creating a peaceful world.