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Agalia Baker

Agalia Baker has been a nurse and APRN for almost 40 years. She’s worked in many areas of nursing from medical/surgical intensive care to hospice. Baker loved every aspect and phase of nursing. About five years ago, her world shifted entirely as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She knew nothing of Human Design during that time and she wishes she did.

Baker spent many years working to be the best nurse, wife, and mother. She was constantly feeling as though she wasn’t enough. She never understood why is seemed people could never see her the way she felt inside. For years, Baker didn’t know or trust what she felt.

Developing breast cancer when she’d dedicated her life living and teaching the healthiest lifestyle possible was absolutely devastating. There was no point of source for the cancer.

Desperately wanting to her the voice of God, Agalia wanted HIM to tell her what she was supposed to do. To answer all the question she had been asking herself. When searching for peace, all she found was terror. She was told that cancer is anger turned inward.

Agalia Baker is a survivor and thanks Human Design for it. Human Design came into her life a few years after her diagnosis. The first blessing she received was learning that she was not broken. Baker just didn’t know how her life was designed. The second blessing was the ability to know how to make the best decisions for herself. The third was to unravel the mystery of her 5/1 profile. Suddenly, every interaction of her life made sense.

Helping people is Agalia’s passion and helping others find their vibrant answers is her mission. 

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    "I’m sorry, it’s cancer."
    Four words with the power to upend your entire existence and thrust you into an emotional whirlwind. As these words unravel, they unleash trauma, chaos, and threats to every facet of life – from health and body image to relationships, job, career, and future dreams. Thoughts swirl: What did I do to deserve this? Is it treatable? Will I lose my breasts?
    Agalia Baker, a retired advanced practice nurse with over 40 years of experience, found herself shockingly unprepared when diagnosed with breast cancer. Searching for solace from the emotional hell she endured and unable to find answers, she took it upon herself to write the book she desperately needed during that challenging time. The result is an irreverent blend of healthcare insights and a personal journey seen through her eyes.
    As Baker grapples with the emotional aftermath of her diagnosis, treatment, and failed reconstructive surgery, she unveils how the losses incurred due to breast cancer are intricately tied to the grieving process. Harnessing this information and understanding the body’s natural defenses in response to threat is vital to withstanding the challenges facing someone in the midst of their own journey. This knowledge becomes a lifeline, empowering individuals to withstand the storm and make informed decisions during such a pivotal time.

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