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But you don’t know what to do next.

Your creative calling

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve got a vital, ferocious burning at your soul’s center that longs to ignite everything it touches. In your mind’s eye, you can see yourself on a stage, or sharing your message in a book or as a sought-after podcast guest or speaker, but you don’t know what to do to fulfill your vision. 

You were born for a unique purpose, to use your creative calling to make a difference in the world. Maybe you’re here to inspire or entertain, no mater what, you’re here to explore the edges of your creative potential and to push past them to fully BE the creative force you were born to be so that you can do what you were born to do. 

To do this, you need the practical skills to get your message out into the world.

mastering an everchanging skillset

Translating your calling into practical action is usually the place where most of our clients get stuck. Knowing how to publish or market your book, pitch a podcast, be a compelling media guest, write press releases and get publicity, be invited to speak on stages or create programs to help spread your message is simply not a skillset most of us are born with. 

You have to learn how.

Not only that, it;s a skillset that changes all the time because you have to be current with the technology and the platforms. You need tactical and strategic support and easy to follow trainings that will help you have the impact and influence you’re longing for.

That’s why we created the Amplify Creativity Program


We’re Karen Curry Parker and Michelle Vandepas. Between the two of us we’ve written over 20 best-selling books, both spoken on TEDx stages, published over 100 books and coached thousands of top authors and creatives to get their messages out to the world.  We have over 65 combined years of coaching and publishing leaders and creatives. 

We understand the passion and pain of feeling like you have something big to give the world and not knowing how to actually make it happen. 

We’re here to help you make it happen. 

Follow your heart

Everyone is born for a unique purpose, but not everyone is called to bare their Heart, step out onto a stage and share who they are in the world. 

But you are…

This calling in your Heart is powerful and vulnerable. It will compel you and also make you want to hide out some days. It’s urgent and it speaks to you, no matter how many times you try to be “normal” or hide out, it keeps calling you forward. 

Your calling is worth of you claiming, defending and, ultimately serving it.

Our Commitment to You

As a creative you need support and knowledge to know exactly how to be able to honor your calling and get your message out to the world. You need a team of people who understand the call and who also know exactly what you need to do to make sure that your message gets heard. 

The technology and e platforms change almost daily. You need a team of people who can show you the ropes and teach you the most current, up-to-date way to be seen, heard and to have the influence you crave. 

Imagine being able to:


We are ready to give you peace of mind. We’ll teach you exactly what you need to do to get your message out into the world so it won’t wake you up at night. This program will help you craft an easy-to follow action plan that will make it simple for you to just follow the steps we gives you

No more trying to “figure it all out”…

You’ll meet weekly with us and our team of experts to craft a custom plan for your work and your message. 

Do you feel called? 

Our clients are award-winning media leaders, thought-leaders, world changers, creators of non-profit agencies, fiction writers, artists, teachers and more. The one thing they have in common is – like you – they have a creative calling, a desire to share who they are and what they know with the world…

Don’t let your calling die inside of you because you think you don’t know what to do to get your message out to the world. We know how to help you. 

Apply to join us! Fill out our application:

Bonus Personal Coaching (As Needed) With Michelle Vandepas, Co-Founder of GracePoint Publishing*

*Available through Voxxer

What Others Have Said

"From the moment we exchanged words (on FB), then actually met… you have been a plentiful source of inspiration.You took a rough ashlar, in me, and made it useful for a foundation able to support a lifetime of good & positive works. I am forever indebted to you. You are amazing at what you do."
Bobbie Brooks
Bobbie Brooks
"For years, people told me I should write a book, but it wasn’t until I got Brian Tracy’s “How To Write A Book and Become a Published Author” that I got started and began to believe I could do it. Add to that, getting connected to GracePoint Publishing. Their experienced team of writing coaches and editors guided and encouraged me all along the way. I have now written my first book. Because of this incredible support, I believe I will reach all of my goals of taking my business to the next level . I couldn’t have done it without either of them. This is a winning combination and a great investment. I encourage anyone who wants to write a book to take advantage of this team. It’s well worth it!"
"Your support when we did our coaching was life-saving! I just sold out (well almost) my new venture an advanced premium workshop for academic writers for 2k so, thank you for everything, again!"
Sharon Shahaf (PhD)
Founder, Academic Writers Unblock! and, Unblock with Human Design.
"I cannot tell you how awesome itself to hold my book. It is a thing of beauty. I wanted to tell you that your team did such an amazing job. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the support. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for helping me navigate this process and your guidance. I will forever be grateful for having worked with you and all the staff."
"This retreat was far from “my first rodeo.” I’ve participated in dozens of resident workshops, retreats, and vision quests over the last thirty plus years… with themes ranging from accessing creativity and life purpose to optimizing mind-body and spiritual well-being. This led to sometimes exotic, or frankly freighting journeys including to jungles and across oceans seeking wisdom and experience from mentors and proclaimed (by themselves or others) Shamans. Some of these teachers were approachable and some forbidding, with offerings that definitely required a white-knuckle approach. So the enduring poignancy of Karen and Michelle’s retreat took me by surprise. I expected to have a much-needed “nice” and “nurturing” break from my routine –which I did receive. But these two are tricksters of the best possible sort. I was lulled, disarmed, and guided into life-changing revelations that I realize, six months later, are a gift that still continue to flourish. It feels as if shifts took place at the core – as if perhaps my DNA and or energetic fields have been altered. Yet everything went down pretty smooth and easy – laced with a lot of joy and laughter (okay, there were plenty of tears too, but the cleansing kind). We created and playfully challenged ourselves. I would like to add, when I first arrived, I discovered my New York City skeptic and jaded cynic had stowed away and come along to the retreat with me! “This is all very sweet,” I thought as our first activity was introduced (making a group talking stick)… “but (eye roll) I’ve done all this before (yawn).” So I was astonished when the talking stick arrived in my hands: my well-rehearsed introduction completely vanished from my head and instead what came out, as if mysteriously unearthed, were teary intentions and dreams I hadn’t even allowed myself to realize before – yet they were “spot on” as if they were coming from a core part of me, my deep heart’s desires, that I hadn’t previously dared to allow myself to know."
Cynthia A.
"You gave me the vision that what I dreamed for my business was not only feasible but doable. I was afraid my dream was too big considering my age. You convinced me otherwise…thank you."
Gwen F.

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